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"Does the vehicle warranty remain valid?"

Yes, regardless of whether a stone chip repair or windscreen replacement is carried out. In the same way, the legal warranty remains valid. The following aspects are decisive for this:

  • working according to the specific specifications of the vehicle manufacturer
  • the installation of original-quality windscreens and accessories.
  • professional and comprehensive documentation of the repair

These are precisely the strengths of our locations and the aspects in focus of our work. However, should there be any problems with the handling of a warranty claim with your vehicle manufacturer, we will not leave you out in the cold, but will be happy to help you.

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Focus guarantee: The decisive prerequisite for receiving the guarantee is that the repair of the vehicle is carried out according to the manufacturer's specifications. It does not matter whether the work is carried out by an authorised repairer or an independent specialist. According to the EU Commission, this applies to new and used car warranties as well as to purchased after-sales warranties if the vehicle was purchased from an outlet belonging to the distribution network of the vehicle manufacturer or importer.

Focus on warranty: This is the legally prescribed "liability for material defects". This is prescribed for new cars with a period of two years and for used cars with a period of at least one year, from handover. During this period, the seller is liable for certain defects in the vehicle. The burden of proof lies with the seller during the first six months after handover. If a defect occurs during this period, the seller must prove that the vehicle was in perfect condition. From the seventh month onwards, the buyer has the burden of proof. It is also irrelevant whether relevant work was carried out at a contract workshop or by an independent specialist, as long as the latter complied with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

"What is installed?"

The latest technologies make your vehicle a living space, and glazing plays an essential role in this. This gives you as the driver and your fellow passengers a pleasant driving experience, comfort and safety. It is important to us to maintain this feeling. That is why, when repairing your car glass damage, our car glass competence centres use only accessories such as trims and adhesives as well as tools of the highest quality, in addition to glass from the world's leading original equipment manufacturers (more about us and our partners). It is irrelevant whether it is a front, side or rear window or even a sunroof.

This means that the components are certified and meet the highest safety standards. We are talking about windscreens, adhesives, gel pads, sensors and many other relevant parts (the relevance of high-quality adhesive is often underestimated, but it is the only contact medium between windscreen and body). Only in this way can the necessary fitting accuracy be achieved to prevent stress cracks, annoying wind noise or water penetration as well as adhesion problems in the long term. So you are quickly back on the road again, not only comfortably, but also safely. That means a lot to us.

In the case of unusual vehicles, such as young and classic cars, we also only install premium windscreens that meet the highest quality and safety standards.

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