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"Why is car glass of particular importance?"

Visual design element and protective shield, not only from rain and wind, but also in the event of an accident. Because the windscreen in particular contributes to the rigidity of the car body. That is why you should have defective windscreens, even if it is only a stone chip, professionally repaired as soon as possible or replaced if necessary.

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"What to look out for during repair?"

New technologies require a high degree of know-how and modern equipment. Furthermore, the components used and a meticulous working method are highly relevant. In addition, there is the handling of the damage, i.e. the settlement of the costs with your insurance company. The quality of the service not only affects your wallet and the value retention of your vehicle, but also your safety. That is why it is important that you have the right contact person at hand.

By the way: our service partners work with state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions. What does this mean?

  • access to the original daily updated maintenance plans and repair guides
  • professional and comprehensive documentation of the repair
  • the calibration of driver assistance systems, if relevant

This is the only way to repair and replace windscreens in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. In this way, we not only get you safely back on the road, which is particularly important to us, but also preserve the value of your vehicle as well as your warranty claims against the vehicle manufacturer (more about quality and warranty). Especially for newer vehicles with modern driving assistance systems, working according to the manufacturer's specifications is essential (more about driving assistance systems).

"What does a stone chip repair or windscreen replacement cost?"

Stone chip repairs are usually free of charge for you, as our service partners work with insurance-approved systems and bill your insurance company directly. So if the stone chip can be repaired without replacing the windscreen and your comprehensive insurance covers glass damage, the repair is free and you don't have to worry about anything.

A stone chip repair is possible if:

  • the damage is smaller than a two-euro coin
  • the damage is outside the field of vision and more than 10 cm from the edge of the windscreen
  • the damage is not one crack or more than three.

If only one of these aspects does not apply, the repair is prohibited according to the StVZO and the windscreen must be replaced. The replacement costs depend on the type of windscreen, the vehicle model and your insurance policy and range from approx. 400 to 900 euros for an ordinary windscreen. In most cases, you only pay the excess agreed with the insurance company. Here, too, we are at your side so that you do not have to worry (more about costs & processing).

Therefore, it is also financially worthwhile for you to visit our independent car glass specialists and have your car glass damage repaired and settled in an uncomplicated manner.

In short, the relevant aspects:

  • Windscreens are safety-relevant and should therefore be repaired or replaced promptly
  • professional work in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications is essential
  • processing via our locations, which also settle directly with your insurance company on your behalf, saves you unnecessary costs as well as paperwork

By the way: you can also find the professional independent locations near you: search & find now!


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